Bodies in Motion

This week we worked with using the mo-cap suit to capture animation in a recording.  Here is a little video of that session



As you can see in the video we experienced some problems with the linking of the parts of the body in Carl’s case as his orientation was backwards, We resolved it but ran out of time in the lab.  So we  saved an .fbx of the fight scene between Carl and Stay Puft.

I added some simple interactivity to the columns in my level to change the color and intensity of the point lights above the columns.  The idea is a sort of bocce ball court at night.  Here is the what that might look like.



The goal is to make the spheres in the level movable with motion tracking and the feedback would be the lights.  The lights are a stand in for something really cool later like the instantiation of a particle system or something like that.



Here is the way to calibrate the motion capture system at magnet.

  1. Step 1 clean the space. There should be no ir reflective surfaces in the room.
  2. Step 2 open motive on the desktop of the computer.
  3. Step 3 click calibration icon on the top right first of the four buttons
  4. Step 4 Mask all light sources in the room expand masks as needed and save
  5. Step 5 get the wand to “bless the space”
  6. Step 6 get every camera over 10k samples
  7. Step 7 Hide the wand back in its home
  8. Step 8 Click Calculate this will take a minute or so.
  9. Step 9 When you see the prompt exceptional or good hit apply Save project.
  10. Step 10 Set the ground plane. Get the ground square and place the z in the direction of downstage. Click Set Ground Plane
  11. Step 11 Create Rigid bodies, go to the cabinet of wonders and pull the rigid bodies (as many as you need and distribute them throughout the space.  Left click and drag over every rigid body and right click when selected and select rigid body  one by one renaming each prop 1 prop 2 etc..  Save project.