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The nation cards, pictured on the left of the board, are the player characters.  Each has its own characteristics, with benefits and challenges specific to each. These cards are The Technological, The BRIC, The Developing, and The Agricultural Subsistance nations

The Summit cards are related to specific global problems that are caused by each planetary boundary, these cards contain the story-line and are meant to educate players on the difficulty of global cooperation and how to encourage that collaboration to achieve solutions to these problems.

The action cards are directly related to each planetary boundary, drawn at the beginning of each players turn these cards are meant to educate the players about the dangers and possible solutions to each planetary boundary.  (I am playing with the idea, that if played by today’s current boundaries there is no way to win the game.)

The striped tabs are the planetary boundaries.  The represent the challenge of time and ramifications of decisions that are made throughout the game.

The failed summit markers represent how difficult it is to have worldwide cooperation when solutions sometimes do not work, or work against the interests of the individual nations, or both.


Update: 4/10/16

I worked through some of the turn cards which sort of provide the storyline, and so far I have two summit crisis cards developed.

Summit Cards Turn Cards

I also have made the illustrator files for the game printing.  I am working from the existing model of the planetary boundaries from anthropocene.info


Game Board

I also have a draft of what the turn cards could look like in, again in keeping with the aesthetic that on anthropocene.info

Turn Cards

At a classmate’s suggestion I checked out the noun project to get some graphic elements to represent the different attributes like money, talent, resources etc

noun_326543_cc noun_30513_cc noun_78393_cc noun_213892_cc

I have drafted the files to cut these attribute pieces on the laser cutter which in the end should look nice.

I tried to cut the pieces today, but I made the files incorrectly to begin with.  So that was a waste of four hours on the laser cutter and more to fix the files themselves.

I have also talked to a printer about pricing and time to get everything printed, so overall I think I am in pretty good shape. I just need to develop some more positive and negative scenarios for both the turn cards and the summit cards.


Update: 4/23

I have made the all of the cards

The Summit Cards are played at the end of each round, and require collaboration to develop design solutions and end in a roll of the dice to see whether or not the solution will work.  Five failed summits and the game is lost.

Summit Card 1 Summit Card 2

The country cards have the corresponding icons for the laser cut icons, that I have finally cut. (Pictures to come.)

These cards determine each player’s attributes and are determined at the beginning of the game by a roll of the dice.

Agricultural Subsistance Country Card BRIC Country Card Developing Country Card Technological Country Card


This is an example of the turn cards I have about 12 of them in total (I think).  Turn cards are drawn by each player at the beginning of their turn.  Some have positive results some have negative results. All of the results have a cascading effect on the game as a whole.

Turn Cards 7

I have laser cut all of the necessary game pieces, and I have at the suggestion of a recent critique reworked the gameboard to better reflect earth rather than space.  I just need to print the board and cards.