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For my cooking with sound midterm I wanted to do something with additive synthesis and phase shifting oscillators.  Due to the criteria of the project I need to make a sound by analog means.  I have the idea of using singing bowls and motors in a enclosure to try to kill several birds with one stone so to speak.


So here is the plan…

Plans for Cooking WIth Sound Project

I will make a mount for the bowls and the motors to exist in, along with a design element of the ohm symbol.

Fab lab laser cutting project… check.

Then, I will make an enclosure with a false wall to house the wiring and breadboard for the motors and LEDs.

Fab Lab enclosures … check.

P-Comp Analog Serial communication … check. (I will update with pictures of the lab that I will be using to do the serial communication with the motors later this week)

Then hopefully the motors will spin felt balls on strings in the singing bowls and make a phase-shifting dual oscillator.

Fingers crossed, Cooking with Sound MidTerm … check.


Here is my laser cutting template …

Template for Cooking with sound Project long.psd

I have already made a test run of this in cardboard,


and had to make adjustments due to not having the specs of the motor mount measurements and the size of the bowls I will have access to.

This template is the template adjusted for the correct motor spindle and motor mount tolerances.  I will likely update this version again when I can get my hands on both of the singing bowls later this week.

20151009_215912 20151009_215919

Progress on the stand for the bowls.


It looks like I am going to need rubber feet since the bowl makes contact with whatever surface the stand is resting on.

Also there was a fair amount of cardboard prototyping to get the servo motor opening right, but a little tinkering in both directions and it is finally right.

More pics to come tomorrow.



It took me a while to get back to this since I have been so busy with prepping for midterms but I have some videos to show the “finished” product of this project.

I will post some proper photos of this later this week.

Since there were a few repeatable items in the code for the last project. I tried to use a for loop which yielded interesting results.

function preload() {
img = loadImage(“./assets/le-logo-du-poing-leve-des-black-panther.png”);
mySound = loadSound(‘./assets/Steel Pulse – Uncle George.mp3’);

var x, y;
//word loc is word location x
//worloc2 is word location y
//ts is text size
var wordlocX = -5;
var wordlocY = 400;
var ts = 8;

function setup() {
createCanvas(1920, 1080);

function draw() {
// On mouse click change bg color for a sexy party
// Display moving text that says “power to the people”
background(random(225, 255), 100, random(50, 150));
image(img, 500, 200);

stroke(0, 10)
//for (start; end; incremment){}
for (var i = 0; i < 10; i++) { fill(255, 50 * i); textSize(ts+10*i); text(“Power to the People”, wordlocX, wordlocY – i * 10); //do something print(i); } if (frameCount >= 127) {
ts = 150